Bed & Breakfast & Bed

One thing that I thought of while writing this script is that I don't remember ever seen a porn video where the actress got to do any singing in it. I wonder if it's only because of copyright issues. At least some of them must be excellent singers.

I'm not ready to try writing a full porn-musical. I think there's some room for improvement though.

Episode 53. Bed & Breakfast & Bed

Two young, attractive women are eating breakfast together in the breakfast nook of a small home. Out the window in the distance we can see the beach. Both women are wearing nightshirts that come down mid-thigh. They've just finished eating. One stands and picks up the dishes and takes them to the sink and starts washing them.

The second woman stands and tells her "That was a wonderful breakfast, Carrie. I feel so lucky that I found your bed and breakfast. You know, this is such a great location, you really should charge more."

"Thank you, Britt. My philosophy has been that I can offer a bargain price and then I get to be pickier on who I rent to. I always have lots of people who want to rent, and this way, I can choose the ones I approve of."

"Well, I'm going to take a shower and then head out to the market and then later to the beach."

"I made a lunch you can take with you; it's there on the counter." We see a brown paper bag. "If I'm getting dressed when you're ready to go, just leave. The door will lock behind you, and I'll see you this evening when you get back."

Britt goes to her room humming. She gets out a bright bikini and her top and takes them to the bathroom. In the bathroom, she starts the shower and tests it. We watch her undress and test the water and then get in the shower. She sings a popular song while washing. She spends extra time soaping up her breasts and her pussy. The shower has a showerhead on a hose. She stands beneath it to rinse off her back and then her breasts. Her song stops while she fondles her breasts. She takes the showerhead off the hook and uses it to rinse off her legs, and then she aims the streak at her pussy while she masturbates. She slips two, then three, and then four fingers inside herself while water streams against her pussy and she has an orgasm in the shower. She dries off with a towel and then puts on the bikini top and then a white top. The top is an open blouse that ties at the bottom, and the bright bikini top is vividly on display. She watches herself in the large mirror on the back of the door while she plays a little more with her pussy and puts on her bikini bottom and walks out of the bathroom.

We next see her walking into the kitchen carrying a bag that has her beach towel in it. Carrie isn't around, so she goes on out the house. She reaches the sidewalk when she realizes that she's forgotten her lunch. She goes back to the door but it's locked. She digs out a key from the bag and opens the door. She goes to the counter and picks up her lunch bag. We can faintly hear the song that she was singing, and it sounds like her singing. The sound is coming from Carrie's room, and the door is mostly closed. She walks over and listens closely. It's definitely her singing. She slowly opens the door and sees Carrie lying on the bed. Her nightshirt and panties are on the floor, and she's fingering herself and watching a video of Britt showering on her large screen TV. We can hear her talking to the TV, things like "come on honey show me your gorgeous tits; let me touch your pussy."

"What's going on here!"

Carrie screams. She picks up the shirt to cover herself, then realizes that the TV is more incriminating and is looking for the remote control. She finally finds it and shuts off the TV. The turns to face Britt and picks up and holds the shirt in front of herself. "This isn't what you think."

"I bet it is. You tell me what it is."

Carrie sighs. "Well, you're right, it is what you think. Damn. I can't believe this happened. I just put in the hidden camera and was trying it out for the first time. You see, I've been having fantasies about all of you cute girls that stay here, and I thought it wouldn't hurt if I made a video to watch. I swear that I wasn't going to ever show them to anyone else. I am so sorry. I'll give you your money back, of course. I'll give you double your money, just don't report me or give me a bad review."

Britt shakes her head. "I don't know what to say. I mean, I try not to think about guys masturbating while they think of me but I know it's possible, and I've never even thought of another girl fantasizing about me. Really you weren't going to show it to anyone/ Not even to your girlfriends?"

"No, not at all. Look, I really don't have any girlfriend. I'm kind of shy, and I've never even, you know, done anything with another girl. It's all just fantasy."

Britt looks thoughtful. "You know, this'll sound crazy. Sometimes I've looked at girls and wondered what it would be like to touch their bodies and kiss them. But there's no way I'm going to expose my kinky side to any of my friends or just some random person on the street. So I've never gotten to try ...." Her voice trails off.

Carrie drops the shirt back on to the bed and just stands there a moment. "You know, what happens in Florida stays in Florida." Both girls laugh. "I think you look breathtaking, but I don't know if you're interested in me."

Britt is staring at Carrie's pussy. Carrie spreads her legs. "Do you want a closer view?"

Britt walks up next to Carrie. "Can I touch your body?"


Britt plays with Carrie's breasts. "This feels so ... odd. I mean, to my hands, this feels the same as when I rub my own breasts, but of course I don't feel anything but I'm imagining that it might make you feel as good as it makes me feel."

"You have such a nice touch."

Britt is rubbing up and down Carrie's sides and then starts to finger her gently.

Carrie moans. "Are you ready to try a kiss?"

Britt leans forward, and the girls kiss tentatively at first and then with more passion and abandon. Carrie then asks "please, can I touch your tits, too?" Britt removes her top for Carrie to fondle and suck on. "I can't believe how beautiful you are! Please can I see your pussy?"

Britt steps back and unties her bottoms. She climbs on Carrie's bed and spreads her legs. "Here's what I want you to do next; this is what I've always wanted someone to do to me. Use your tongue to lick my clit real rapidly and move a finger in and out of me slowly." Carrie does this. Britt is encouraging her like: "that's so good; don't stop; keep going; I love you so much." Then she tells her "Use two fingers!" And Carrie complies. Britt's own body is pushing against Carrie's fingers while she continues shouting encouragement. Then she orders "use all of your fingers!" Carrie uses four fingers to fuck her. Britt is crying out how wonderful she feels until she cums. When Carrie takes her fingers out, Britt grabs her hand and brings the fingers to her own face so she can lick off Carrie's fingers. Carrie climbs on top then so they can kiss. When they slow down kissing, Britt says "I hope I wasn't too kinky for you."

"Well, what I've always wanted is to cum while rubbing my pussy on another girl's pussy." They untangle and arrange their legs together and trib until Carrie has an orgasm. The two girls just lie there, pussy to pussy.

"Do you have to go anywhere today? I think I'd rather spend my vacation having sex with you and just skip the beach."

"You paid for a bed and breakfast. I'm here to serve you until you're tired and want to go."

Scene ends.



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